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Amazon. The behemoth digital retailer has come a long way from its initial founding selling books, electronics, and other gadgets. They now offer a neat online wedding registry service! Which is exactly what we’re going to review in this article.


I won’t leave you hanging in suspense…


In IM Checklist V38 Securing Your Content, you’ll get access to my internal “content security system” and processes that he personally uses on a day to day basis to keep his websites and his content safe and secure.

Here Are Some Facts: This very second thousands of WordPress websites worldwide…

What is the most effective and profitable piece of marketing you can put on your blog? Well, the answer is, without a doubt, video.

The right video can make any blog post, campaign, or page stand-out. …

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Poor eating habits, lack of exercise, genetics, and a bunch of other things are known to be behind excessive weight gain. But, did you know that how much sleep you get each night can also determine how much weight you gain or lose?

Many weight loss supplements in the market…

“Any individual who has followed me as a comedian throughout the previous eight years saw how much of my shtick was around my obesity,” says Jayasinha.

“My feeling of the way of life as a fat comic was so connected to my awareness of what’s actually funny that it was somewhat of a battle for me to attempt to change from an individual who ridicules their weight to an individual who likes themselves,” he admits.

“Self-deprecation is an extraordinary method of charming yourself to the crowd … ’cos who wants to hear about someone being happy? No! We want to hear about misery!” he laughs.

“I’ll find another way to make fun of myself.”

Jayasinha moved from Sri Lanka to Melbourne to study accounting as a 19-year-old in 2004. He first tried stand-up in 2010 a year ago, won the Logie for Most Popular Talent for his regular TV appearances on Utopia, Hughesy We Have a Problem and Have You Been Paying Attention?

It was while getting dressed for a New Year’s Eve party toward the finish of 2017 that he understood he was unable to button up his shirt.

“I’ve been a major person for 25 years and I thought, ‘I will, at last, accomplish something’,” Jayasinha reviews.

Realizing he required motivation, he made a wager with fellow comedian Ben Lomas: “We were both about 120kg and we decided the first person to get under 100kgs wins $1000. That fired me up.”



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